Horseboxes - why they make great catering conversions


With a quirky style and curb appeal horseboxes have become a popular choice for a catering conversion. With the footprint being smaller than that of a basic trailer, it still offers a good amount of usable space but with the added bonus of easy towability. With all these benefits we look at why you should consider looking at a horsebox when you explore your options for your food business.

The humble horsebox is jam-packed with character and they offer some unique benefits in terms of towability and style. Although horseboxes are narrow in size they are actually comparable to that of a small standard trailer. Often conversions open up two sides of the box leaving you in a small but light and airy space in which it is quite comfortable having everything within easy reach.

If you've got your heart set on a trailer, here are some reasons we think you should consider a horsebox conversion whilst you are exploring your options.

Stand out from the crowd

The horsebox is a relatively new addition to the catering scene and its design turns heads. These trailers have a great look about them and can be made to look vintage and rustic as opposed to a square trailer. Horseboxes have character to them. These conversions are proven crowd pleasers so your stall is bound to get people looking in your direction, which is good news if they like what you are selling!


Horseboxes tend to offer great value for money when you are looking for a conversion that is a bit different. With other conversions like the HVan the cost of the vehicle will be a lot more and because of its age requires upkeep.

Because of its size, horseboxes are towable by most vehicles meaning you may not need to upgrade your current transportation or indeed change your licence to be able to tow it.

All the benefits of a trailer and a couple more.

The benefits of a trailer over a vehicle conversion are you have the flexibility of being able to pitch up and leave it in place and then use a car to top up supplies etc as you need to without affecting your trade. A further benefit a horsebox over a standard trailer is they are a lighter weight to tow and because they are narrow you get a better view of the road.

Light and airy space

Although smaller than a standard trailer the horsebox has a light and airy feel as you can potentially open up two sides and let the light come in. The extra height means you can be clever with your storage and still have room to move around. In some conversions we have fitted in an extra workspace to take outside the vehicle, so you can make the extra space if you need it with a bit of clever thinking.

To see our horsebox conversions please pop across to our gallery.

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