The wedding food trends you should be cashing in on this summer!


If you offer yourself for hire for events it may be worth considering supplementing your income by adding weddings to your list. Couples are looking for something to make their wedding stand out and share their tastes with their guests. Mobile Catering is fast becoming a popular choice. We look at the wedding trends you will be seeing this summer.

As a guest at many weddings, I can hand on heart say the wedding food I remember most is that provided by mobile caters. For me, this is because it was different to the normal sit down meal. The excitement of seeing something different, queuing for food and talking to other guests meant coming back to the table more at ease.

As more and more couples are choosing an alternative to the wedding breakfast here are some of the top wedding foods you will be seeing this summer and beyond.

Locally Sourced

Although not a new trend, locally sourced is in high demand for wedding catering. It is all about providing food to wedding guests that represents the area the wedding is taking place.

The menu will show off local delicacies.

Couples will be mindful when it comes to picking suppliers with environmentally-friendly practices, particularly when it comes to organic catering and locally-sourced food and drink.

If your mobile catering business offers good quality locally sourced food maybe it's time to add Weddings to your menu.

International menus

More couples are looking for an alternative to the traditional 3-course meal and are asking for international dishes like African, Persian and Middle Eastern dishes.

This plays perfectly into the trend for more travel-inspired wedding themes. If your catering van offers exotic cuisine you may well want to think of how it could be tailored for wedding guests.You don't need to offer guests unlimited options. A simple international menu that is cooked well will ensure your food is well received.

DIY Food and drink stations

This trend is very big in the U.S and has arrived in the UK. Essentially it means wedding guests are involved in preparing their own food. Guests will be found shaking their own cocktails, building their own burger or making their own ice cream sundae.

It is proving popular giving guests something to talk about and even becoming a part of the entertainment for the evening.

For any mobile caterers who are wanting to try a new way of presenting their food, this is a creative way of doing so.

Pairing and sharing

Pairing and sharing is where you create miniature versions of food classics like oysters and mini Bloody Marys, tacos and tequila and tomato soup shots with grilled cheese sandwiches!

Served as an alternative to a traditional buffet, pairing and sharing is a consistent hit with wedding guests. The question to ask yourself is could your menu be adapted to this up and coming wedding market?

Gourmet comfort food

If you do comfort food well, like pie and mash or mac ‘n’ cheese, consider offering your services for weddings. Couples are looking to share their favourite food with their friends and family and are looking for really simple recipes with a twist or good food that is presented really well.

If you are a mobile caterer selling these types of foods, think about how they would be received at a local wedding.

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