• Do you provide Gas certificates?

    Yes. All our gas work, maintenance and Gas tests are carried out at our workshop. We do not provide a mobile service. You need to bring the Trailer, Vehicles or eqquipment to us. We are qualified for the following-

    CMC1 - Core Commercial Mobile Catering

    COMCAT 1,2,3,4 & 5

    • Commercial Catering Range Cookers
    • Commercial Catering Pressure/expansion vessels (coffee machines)
    • Commercial Catering Fat & Pressure Fryers
    • Commercial Catering Fish and Chip Ranges
    • Mobile Catering Range Cookers, Ovens
    • Mobile Catering Fryers, Griddles, Grills, Bain Maries
    • Mobile Catering Boilers
    • Mobile Catering Instant Water Heaters
    • Commercial LPG Gas generators
    • LPG Gas Refrigerators
  • How do I get a price?
    • Go to the Instant Quote section and there you can select a few options to give you an estimate. Once you have the estimate if you would like to proceed with a quote then you can submit it and we will be in contact with you and provide a quotation.
    • You can also make an appointment where we will sit down and go through the details.
    • If you would prefer you can contact us by phone or email and we will put a quote together.
  • Can I hire or book a Catering Trailer or Catering Vehicle for an event?

    We do not hire. If you look on our directory you may find a catering business you can hire for an event.

  • What warranty do you provide?

    With all our work we include a 12 months back to base warranty (at the premises of Tudor Catering Trailers). We offer a total of 5 years warranty on selected equipment. For this to be valid you will need to bring the Trailer/ Vehicle back to us on a yearly basis for the gas and electric certificate and have the equipment service with us.

  • Do I need insurance?

    When you become a business you will need to have business insurance cover for your Trailer /Vehicle and liability cover.

  • Are generators noisy?

    There are many types and sizes of generators, so depending on how much power your require would depend on the size of the generator. There are cage frame generators which can produce a noise level of approximately 70db-96db. The alternative is a silenced generator which can be more expensive but they can produce 50db-60db.

  • Can I purchase a trailer or van you have in stock?
    • All our trailers are manufactured from the ground up and built specifically to the customers specification,  so we do not have any trailers in stock. Also we do not sell vehicles we only carry out the conversions. We advise the customer to find a vehicle that they feel comfortable with and the size that suits their requirements, which is usually a LWB (long wheel base) High Top to give you maximum space.
  • Can I pull the trailer with my car?
    • You will need to check if your vehicle is capable of towing the trailer, by looking at the vehicles VIN plate, sometimes the V5 document can show this as well. On the VIN plate you need to find the GTW (Gross train weight) which is the Gross weight of the trailer (not the actual weight) and Gross vehicle weight combined. If it does not exceed it then you can.
    • You will also need to check that your driving license permits you to tow. If you received your license after January 1997 then you will have to take a Towing test. If it was before this date then it was included in your license. We advise that if you have had no experience in towing then it would be wise to take the test anyway.
  • How much stock can I take with me?

    It is advised to know the weight of your Catering Trailer or Catering Vehicle with no stock. This will then allow you to calculate the maximum stock you can carry. When carrying stock in your Catering Vehicle you must include the weight of the driver and passengers including the fuel into the vehicles maximum weight.

  • Do you sell the Gas bottles?

    We are not a gas bottle supplier. The best way forward for gas bottles is to find a supplier near you where you can quickly get replacements when empty.

  • How do I get power for my Trailer or Vehicle?

    Depending on your specification we can provide you with the correct electrical connectors. You would connect one end of the cable to your Trailer / Vehicle and the other would be connected to either a generator or a power supply if the location of your events offers that to you.

  • Where can I trade?

    If you plan on trading at a fixed location you will need to contact the local authorities to find out if there are any requirements you need to fulfil. Some may require that you purchase a trading license it will depend on your location.

  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    • Yes. Once you are happy with the quotation you will need to pay 25% of the total. Then the balance to be paid on the collection.
  • Do you provide payment plans or finance?
    • No. We have details of a few companies that can provide finance.
  • Do you sell second hand Trailers / Vehicles


  • Do you provide a buy back scheme?


  • Can I part exchange a catering trailer or Vehicle?

    Unfortunately we do not take Trailers or Vehicles as part exchange.

  • How much space I will have inside the Catering Trailer / Catering Van?
    • Once an order has been placed we will go through your specifications and draw up a planned layout.
  • Can I supply my own equipment for the Catering Trailer / Catering van?
    • Yes. We can fit the equipment you have supplied, there will be a handling and fitting charge for each item. We are able to supply new equipment if you need anything else.
  • I want to do some of the conversion myself. Can you finish it off?
    • As all our work is customised, we can do as much or as little as you like.

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