Cold brew coffee on tap - passing phase or next big thing?


Nitro coffee is an upcoming trend that started in America. The coffee is infused with nitrogen and poured from a tap producing a smooth flavour that removes the need for milk.

What makes Coffee on tap unique?

The nitrogen makes the drink frothy and smooth, adding a rich creaminess to the flavour. The drink looks like a rich dark beer, offering a completely different coffee experience.

Nitro coffee does not work for every type of coffee bean. Fruity and floral tastes do not work well with the infusion. Beans that have nut and/or chocolate based flavours work well with the smoothness of taste.

Many people think the equipment will take up a lot of space and managing it will take a lot of time. But, people who already own this kit say it is simple to manage and only takes one square metre of space.

We have seen this trend take off in America, this year we will see it take off in the UK. People will find themselves looking at this cold brew alternative with interest. Especially when it looks like a glass of Guinness!

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