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Shepherd Huts

  • Shepherd Huts

If you are looking for something different, a road towable Mobile Shepherds Hut could be for you.

Shepherds Huts have been around since the 16th century and originally were built as a Shepherds second home so they could watch their flock. 

Popular for its unique look, the hut is used for offices, holiday homes, garden rooms and street food mobile catering.

View Shepherds Hut for ideas.

All the Shepherd Huts come with a standard specification which is listed below.

From £17,262
  • Standard Specification (included)
    • Galvanised Chassis
    • Treated Timber frame
    • Breathable membrane
    • White Aluminium sheeted walls and ceiling
    • Polyflor Non slip Vinyl flooring
    • Solid Hardwood door
    • Serving hatch
    • Stainless Steel counters
    • Instant hot water system
    • Two sinks
    • Chrome mixer tap
    • 240v Water pump
    • Water heater (ELEC or LPG)
    • Stainless steel cupboard under the sink
    • 16 amp double pole fuse box
    • 2x Double sockets
    • 5ft Moisture resistant fluorescent lighting
    • Gas box
    • Auto gas changeover valve
  • Sizes / Prices
    • Galvanised Panels: 10ft x 7ft Single axle 1800kgs - £17,262
    • Galvanised Panels: 12ft x 7ft Twin axle 3000kgs - £19,867
    • Galvanised Panels: 14ft x 7ft Twin axle 3500kgs - £21,056
    • Wood Cladding: 10ft x 7ft Single axle 1800kgs - £20,593
    • Wood Cladding: 12ft x 7ft Twin axle 3000kgs - £23,445
    • Wood Cladding: 14ft x 7ft Twin axle 3500kgs - £24,731
    • Galvanised Panels: 16ft x 7ft Twin axle 3500kgs - £21,888
    • Wood Cladding: 16ft x 7ft Twin axle 3500kgs - £25,901
  • More Information

    Although the specification for this shepherd hut has been aimed towards mobile catering we are able to provide a quotation if you are planning a different use for one such as a garden office or a  holiday home a tea room. We can include kitchens with appliances, log burning stoves, office furniture and bespoke beds.

    This is a typical look of a Shepherd Hut but we offer alternatives to the galvanised corrugated look. To replace that you could have Oak cladding boards or wipeable wood effect exterior.

    If you have a different idea then please contact us so we can discuss it with you to work out a price.

  • Add-ons
    • Griddle
    • Twin Tank Fryer
    • Bain Marie
    • 4 Burner Oven
    • Hob
    • Pizza Oven (wood fire)
    • 4ft Extraction Hood kit
    • Coffee Machine system
    • Tall Drinks Fridge
    • Under counter Fridge
    • Beer Tap System
    • Sprayed
    • Oak customer shelf
    • External menu boards (2)
    • Built in generator box
    • Petrol Generator

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