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Static Kiosks

  • Static Kiosks

If you have a permanent location, a kiosk is a perfect option. All our kiosks are manufactured and configured to suit your needs. If you are just starting out, we would be very happy to look at your ideas and offer advice. A good location is essential, you will need to consider permission and what utilities will be provided, as well as the local surroundings and footfall.


For examples of Kiosks we have made please see our gallery

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    • Coffee Kiosk - £0
    • Retail Kiosk - £0
    • Newsagent kiosk - £0
    • Flower Kiosk - £0
    • Catering Kiosk - £0
    • Car Park Kiosk - £0
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    When designing your Kiosk we will discuss and plan with you the important factors of your business plan and the key elements to drive it forward. You will have many options to create the perfect Kiosk. 

    If a permanent Kiosk is not suitable for your business as it may involve you moving sites depending on the season, we can manufacture a mobile Kiosk with a hydraulic axle system giving the look that it is still a permanently sited unit.

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