How to prepare for outdoor events, whatever the weather

How To

The show must go on, come rain or shine — and with the unpredictability of the great British weather, being prepared for any eventuality is essential. Our vans and trailers are fully bespoke, ready to be kitted out with everything you need to thrive as a business, whatever the forecast.

Ready for anything

With our summers getting hotter year on year, having chilling equipment at the ready is key. When choosing features for your catering trailer or conversion, take a look at our range of fridges, freezers and chilled display units to see which would make it easiest for you to keep serving your customers even if a heatwave hits. If you’re stocking warm food and drink through the winter months, you may find you need kit such as a water boiler, heated displays or ovens, according to your menus. We offer these in a range of shapes and sizes — if you’re not sure what would work best for your business, we’re happy to chat through the options with you.

Get protected

Another way to stay one step ahead of shifting weather conditions is to be flexible. Adding an awning to your catering conversion can be a great way to help keep customers dry while they wait. To offer a greater covered area for your queue, an external fitted gazebo could be a useful option; these work particularly well with our shepherd’s hut conversions.

Stay mobile

One of the challenges of running a mobile business is tackling adverse terrain, especially if you’re parked in a wet field for the day. But worry not; there are steps you can take to avoid getting stuck in the mud. If you find yourself needing to drive your conversion or trailer across muddy ground, take it slow — speeding up will just lead to spinning wheels and loss of control. If possible, park up on high ground as water will run past your vehicle before it has a chance to soak into the soil around your wheels.

For those times when you can’t avoid getting stuck in the mud, it pays to have a bag of gravel in your emergency kit. Using gravel to fill out the mud around your wheels can help you to gain traction again.

Finally, your best defence against our ever-changing weather is a cheery attitude. Not always the easiest thing to muster when the rain’s pouring, but a sunny outlook will shine through and be noticed by your customers — we’re sure they’ll be glad to see a smiling face in a downpour!

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