How to promote your mobile catering business

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Whether you are catering for events or in the street, it is really important to think about how you are going to promote your business. In this blog we look at five ways to promote your business to get you started.

It is very important to get your name in people's mind, especially when you are starting out. For mobile caterers, this can be more tricky because you may or may not be trading in the same location every day. It is therefore essential to build a brand for your business.

Having an easily recognisable brand helps people to know quickly what you are serving, helping your potential customers make the choice to choose you!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our top five tips to get you thinking about how you can promote your business to help you plan what your brand might look like.

1. Create a logo

As well as thinking up a name that fits your business, it is a good idea to have a logo that makes you easily recognisable. You will want to think about what colours to use, the size and where to place it so it is viewable when you are all set up for the day.

For more tips on this see our blog about van signage.

2. Advertise

Now that you have your brand and logo, you need to advertise it. There are many ways you can do this (e.g handing out flyers, pumps in petrol stations, ads in local magazines and local area websites). Think about what will work for you and don't be afraid to think outside the box!

3. Network

One of the most effective ways to promote your company is by word of mouth. If you want your business to grow, then it's not what you know, it's who you know. Networking is a great way to get your name out. Join a group or get in contact with local businesses who are working in the same area as you and discuss how you can help each other grow. Ideally, start these conversations before you trade, to get you off to the best start.

4. Offers and Freebies

When you are new to the trade and need to establish a customer base, giving out try me bites as freebies is a good idea. This will ensure that people in the area will know what you are serving and the quality of the food and drink that you provide.

Having limited-time special offers are also a great way of getting your first customers. You might even want to give out a loyalty card, giving your customers an incentive to keep coming back.

5. Social Media

A social media account is a must. Start by creating an account for your business. You can ask your customer base which platform they like best to help you decide where to place your effort.

Having a social media presence will increase the chances of people becoming familiar with your brand. Aim to post as often as you can, posting pictures of your location, events, trends and special offers. This will help your brand grow and create loyalty. 

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