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When you start your mobile catering business you should have an idea of the market you want to go for. Street Markets and Festivals are a popular choice but we are seeing a rise in businesses branching into events in the corporate world. Whatever you decide, starting a food business means you have got to put some time and effort into making it work for you. If your looking to get your food on the menu for business events, we've got some advice to get you started.

For many businesses, staying small and independent is great, but for some, the goal is to reach the corporate market exclusively. It can be very difficult to get your foot in the door but here are seven tips to help that dream become a reality.

Deciding who to talk to

Do your research

Who do you want to get your business with? Are there any specific businesses you want to work with or any specific places.  Keep them in mind, as what they do and where they are can help you decide your menu choices.

What’s on the menu

Start with your menu choices. It needs to be something you have a passion for. Think of what a business would want for its meetings, easy to eat finger food is often the go-to choice. Think up menu options you can use that you can switch between. This means you can give the client more choice.

Getting your foot in the door

Get a referral

The best way to get your foot in the door is to be referred by another company who is going to praise your business. The decision maker is more likely to listen to a referral than a cold call or email telling them about what you do.


A good networking group is really helpful for any small business. It is something that could come in very handy when you’re working with street food. It also puts you in front of other small business leaders and gives you an opportunity to offer to put your food on their menu!

Pitch up at events

Many decision-makers are invited to attend events offering training. With a little research, you can come up with a list of where and when these are locally and ask to bring some samples.

Once you've made your introduction

Follow up via post

If you want to get your message to be seen and stand out, make yourself more memorable by following up with your menu by post. Invest in good marketing material and make sure you have a nice menu leaflet.

Prepare your pitch

If you do get an opportunity to sell your product, don’t actually sell them anything initially but offer your help as this will show that you are not out to simply make money, but to expand your business. Timing is also everything, research what the business you are trying to go for is doing so that you can present something to them that is relevant and current to them.

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