Ben & Jerrys

Ben & jerrys horse box

The Vision

When we were approached by Unilever to provide mobile Ice cream units, they originally wanted them to stand out and to be able to last for a long time.

The layout had to be able to incorporate the dedicated Ice cream freezers they needed and at the same time still have enough room for a few staff members.

Horse box workshop

The Design

The internal footprint was limited as these were orginally designed for horses but the layout of the Ice cream freezers will still allow them to be used at their maximum.

The design included a double bowl hot water system allowing the users to wash any utensils during service.

The side lockable personel door gave them access to the inside but with the added bonus of the rear doors to install the large freezers.

Ben and jerrys ice cream

The Build

We had several Horse boxes to complete so we had to implement a system to make sure that each unit was the same as the last one. The engineers worked hard to acheive the end goal and the results we well receieved.

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