Transformation time: the Morris Minor bar

Product Updates

We’re always keen to take on an ambitious conversion project. We were excited to hear from a client who was looking to transform a Morris Minor into an easily transportable bar. We’d never tackled a car conversion before, so we knew it was a project that would take plenty of our creativity to complete.

The challenge

Our client was looking to use their Morris Minor to create a mobile bar; their business focuses on serving up drinks from uniquely restored vehicles. This vintage car conversion involved building in ice wells and speed rails, as well as gas lines for beverages on draft, so it would be all set to work as a stylish bar-on-wheels at events across the country.

There was plenty of kit that needed fit into the Morris Minor which, we realised, would leave limited space for the bartender inside the car. So we decided that the most elegant and practical solution was for the bartender to stand outside the Morris Minor while serving customers. That way, the space inside the vehicle would be free to hold a wide range of drinks and the server would be able to serve customers quickly and easily.

The result

We’ve created a drinks display area in the boot of the car, perfect for storing cans and bottles. This makes great use of the car’s internal space, in a way that’s easy for both customers and the bartender to see and reach. To maximise the variety of drinks on offer, we also added two draft lines. Topped off with a chic new paint job, the Morris Minor is ready to begin its new life as a beautiful, travel-ready vintage bar. We know it’ll be the belle of the ball, wherever it goes!

What will our next project be?

We’re always on the lookout for new conversion projects. So if you have an idea in mind, just drop us a line. Whether you’re looking to convert a camper van, trailer, horse box or even a shepherd’s hut (yes, really — they work brilliantly as towable catering vans or as offices and garden rooms), then get in touch for a chat. With 15 years of experience under our belts, we’ve got the skills and insight needed to create something special for every project. We’re ready to create entirely custom builds according to your needs and budget and will work with you to find the most stylish, intuitive design.

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