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Really very good. I was so delighted to find a local family firm. They're a clever bunch. Thank you, I love my caravan and so does everyone else!


Finance is available on all of our vans and trailers

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H Van Conversions

We provide a service that helps you from purchasing your H Van to a bespoke design and completion.

ZipTaps Presentation Trailer
ZipTaps Presentation Trailer
Zip Taps Trailer with Oak Wortop
Zip Taps Trailer with Oak Wortop
Street Food Van
Function Food and Drink H.Van Conversion
Citeron H Van Stainless Steel Kitchen
The Organic Soup Kitchen Interior
Stainless Steel Kitchen Run,  Citroen H Van
Stainless Steel Kitchen Run
Inside Citroen H Van Conversion
Long Wheel Base Van Conversion
Open hatch - Long wheel base - Citroen H Van
Long Wheel Base H.Van
Long Wheel Base Citeron H.Van
Long Wheel Base with customer shelf
Oak Customer Shelf, Citroen H Van
Oak Customer shelf, stainless steel interior
View from open hatch into Citroen H Van Kitchen
open hatch, oak worktops and coffee machine
Interior - H Van Conversion
Interior of Catering H Van
H Van Kitchen - Oak worktops
H van Interior featuring Oak Worktop
H Van Conversion - Street Cafe
H Van Conversion
H Van - Interior/Kitchen
H Van Interior
Converted H Van
Converted H Van
Spacious kitchen, H Van Conversion
Mirrored Wall H Van
Navy H Van Conversion
Gourmet H Van
H Van - Cooking area
H Van - Cooking Area
H Van - Interior/Kitchen
Boiler H Van
Back Hatch/Kitchen - H Van Conversion
Open Door H Van
H Van - Kitchen
Griddle & Baffle Vent
H Van Interior - Oven, grill, griddle, fryer and sink
Oven, grill, griddle, fryer and sink
H Van stainless steel kitchen
Stainless steel kitchen
H Van - Interior/Kitchen - back hatch
H Van Countertop