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The expert guide to lighting your catering trailer

There are many things to consider when you are having a conversion or trailer made for your business. One of the things that can make a big difference to the overall look and your general happiness with your trailer is the lighting. We look at four things you should consider to make the most of your design.

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How to avoid the winter slump

Running your own business is hard work and rewarding. We look at six things to help you get money in your pocket in the winter season and prepare for the year ahead so you are ready to hit the ground running next year.

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How to promote your mobile catering business

Whether you are catering for events or in the street, it is really important to think about how you are going to promote your business. In this blog we look at five ways to promote your business to get you started.

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5 classic mistakes we see catering trailer owners make all the time

Having a catering business has many benefits but there are things that owners of a new trailer or vehicle conversion get to learn from experience. We have had a few stories of mishaps when people are starting out. To keep you from repeating the pattern, we have come up with a top five common mistakes within the industry so that you can avoid them when you are starting out.

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A no-nonsense guide to finance for catering trailer owners

Every person who wants to own a catering trailer or vehicle, needs to be able to fund their future mobile business. When starting out and calculating costs for your business. It can be very easy to forget things to put in your budget to help you make your calculations. We've compiled a list for you to look over to help you get your sums right.

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Horseboxes - why they make great catering conversions

With a quirky style and curb appeal horseboxes have become a popular choice for a catering conversion. With the footprint being smaller than that of a basic trailer, it still offers a good amount of usable space but with the added bonus of easy towability. With all these benefits we look at why you should consider looking at a horsebox when you explore your options for your food business.

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