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Fantastic job on the refit of my burger van. Thanks guys
C.Felton - Merthyr Tydfill Leisure Trust

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Prepare for health inspections

Is a health inspection on the horizon for your business? Regular visits from EHOs (that’s environmental health officers) are an integral part of life as a caterer. EHO inspections are in place to ensure all catering businesses are offering a safe service to their customers. If they’re not satisfied with a business’ offering, EHOs are able to close down outlets, seize food or even prosecute the business owners.

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How to handle allergies as a caterer

We all know the importance of nut-allergy awareness, but did you know a whole range of other allergies have been on the rise since the 1950s? In developed countries across the globe, food allergies are noticeably on the up. Peanut allergies alone trebled in the last twelve years. Around 5% of the adult population are lactose intolerant and there are an increasing number of foods being flagged as newly recognised allergens — from fish and eggs to some fruits and vegetables.

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Case study: Peugeot J7

Rice Guys — a London-based brand offering healthy Chinese food — are always on the go. They travel with their delicious offerings to cater at all sorts of events, so it’s essential that their vehicles are as appealing as their menu.

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Should I buy a second hand catering unit?

While you might be dreaming of driving home a brand new catering unit, opting for second-hand could be a great move too. As long as you’re keen to invest time in finding the right vehicle for you and your business, looking for a pre-loved trailer or truck has plenty of benefits.

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Case study: Bedford Truck

With vintage design proving as popular as ever, we were excited when a client came to us with ideas for a retro Bedford truck conversion. Vintage style seems to attract attention everywhere, from weddings and festivals to street fairs and markets — making it a great design choice for catering outlets. Our client was keen to create a conversion with a chic retro look, but with all the streamlined usability and reliability of a modern catering unit.

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How contactless can benefit your business

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