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Pizza Ovens

Lincat Electric Pizza Oven for small budgets

LINCAT Electric Pizza Ovens-Standard Range

This electric pizza oven is perfect for all types of pizza.

At a glance:

  • Single piece firebrick base for crisp base cooking 
  • Separate heat controls for top and base of the compartment
  • Fully insulated doors for energy efficiency and safe operation
  • Capacity of 4 x 9 (22cm) or 2 x 12 (30cm) pizzas
  • Thermostatic control up to 400 deg C.

Download Full Specification

P089X Twin Deck Pizza Oven H565mm W810mm D740mm £1,168
P049X Single Deck Pizza Oven H320mm W810mm D740mm £690
P069X Single Deck Pizza Oven H320mm W1010mm D740mm £859
Lincat Electric Pizza Oven for larger budgets

LINCAT Electric Pizza Ovens-Premium Range

Lincat pizza ovens are built to the highest specifications. Featuring a firebrick base for crisp even cooking, they are perfect for deep pan, thin crust fresh dough part baked or frozen pizzas.

At a glance:

  • Maximum temperature 480 deg C
  • Toughened safety glass external viewing window
  • Double-glazed door construction for energy efficiency
  • Temperature display gauge to monitor oven temperature more accurately
  • Internal illumination for better visibility of product and enhanced appearance in front of house applications
  • Firebrick base for crisp, even cooking of pizza bases
  • Thermostatic control
  • 20 minute audible timer
  • Separate heat controls for top and base of oven compartment on twin models.

Download Full Specification

Twin Deck Pizza Oven P0425-2 H675mm W886mm D902mm £1,649
Twin Deck Pizza Oven P0430-2 H675mm W966mm D1002mm £1,870
Twin Deck Pizza Oven P0630-2 H675mm W1286mm D1002mm £2,336
Single Deck Pizza Oven P0425 H375mm W886mm D902mm £956
Single Deck Pizza Oven P0430 H375mm W966mm D1002mm £1,061
Single Deck Pizza Oven P0630 H375mm W1286mm D1002mm £1,310

All the prices are subject to VAT