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Misc items

Roller Grill Crepe Machines

Roller Grill Crepe Machine

The sturdy clean design gives the perfect front of house platform for crepes, pancakes, chapatti, blini etc.

At a glance:

  • 400mm plate
  • Specially designed 8 point star shaped burner under plate for even heat 
  • Enamelled cast iron plate gives good heat retention and provide a smooth, hard wearing cooking surface
  • Option of LPG or mains power

400CSG Single plate (LPG) W 450mm - D 500mm - H 240mm £645
400CDG Double Plate (LPG) W 860mm - D 500mm - H 240mm £1,056


A strong lock to secure caravans and trailers.

At a glance:

  • Strong secure and heavy duty
  • Fully encloses hitch head and fixings when fitted 
  • Powder coated finish
  • High security and pick resistant lock
  • Quick and easy to fit

BRC Hitch Lock £118
BRCA Hitch Lock For hitch head on 60mm shaft £118
Lincat Extraction hoods

Lincat Extraction hoods

Filtration hoods designed to reduce kitchen odours and grease particles for a clean and fresh working environment.

Lincat fume filtration units feature a three part filter system comprising: a washable aluminium mesh for removing large grease particles; a washable foam layer which absorbs fine grease particles; and a replaceable activated charcoal filter.

At a glance:

  • Powerful centrifugal fans pull cooking fumes through a three-part filtration system
  • Cleansed air expelled at top rear of unit
  • Hinged top panel gives easy access for cleaning and filter maintenance.
  • Two sizes are available.
  • Not suitable for use with gas appliances

Download Full Specification

L3 H 560mm - W 920mm - L 620mm £1,080
L4 H 560mm - W 1310mm - L 620mm £1,353
Parry Quick Fit Heated Sink


This sink is ideal for the mobile kitchen, with its quick and easy to set up.

At a glance:

  • Quality Stainless Steel super brush
  • Any size 1000mm to 2400mm wide
  • Taps to suit your requirements
  • All hot & cold pipework factory fitted
  • Drainage left or right hand - you decide
  • Quick fit unit using a washing machine hose
  • Normal connection to cold water
  • Water heater supplied fits easily to a 13amp plug
  • Adjustable feet
  • Bottom shelf for storage
  • Reduces cost of installation
  • Connects to a 11/4" diameter drain system
  • Easily installed so can be transported elsewhere with ease

QFSINK1200 H 1200mm - W 600mm - D 900mm £1,175
QFSINK1400 H 1400mm - W 600mm - D 900mm £1,371
SmartVent Canopy Extraction Ventilation System

SmartVent Canopy Extraction Ventilation System

Designed in partnership with kitchen ventilation experts Britannia, SmartVent is flexible, effective and easy to install. This makes it perfect for mobile catering or fast food outlets.

At a glance:

  • Modular canopy extraction system suitable for use with gas and electric cooking equipment up to 900 series
  • Variable fan speed and choice of fan position
  • Bright energy-efficient LED lighting provided as standard
  • Simple to install and easy to operate
  • Please note any necessary ductwork and gas interlock are not supplied by Lincat.

SmartVent Canopy SV1216 L 1600mm - W 1200mm - H 700mm £1,472
SmartVent Canopy SV1212 L 1200mm - W 1200mm - H 700mm £1,355
SmartVent Canopy SV1220 L 2000mm - W 1200mm - H 700mm £1,726
SmartVent Canopy SV1224 L 2400mm - W 1200mm - H 700mm £1,897
Krampouz Crepe Maker (LPG)

Krampouz Crepe Maker (LPG)

Cook your Crepes with LPG.

At a glance:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Cast steel griddle
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Features safety system in case of interruption of the flame

Single Crepe Maker W400mm H185mm £352
Double Plate H750mm D470 H195mm £790
Traditional Soup Kettle

Traditional Soup Kettle

Warm your soup and keep it simmering with the Traditional Soup Kettle. Simple to control with a variable simmerstat to keep the soup at a constant and safe temperature for serving.

At a glance:

  • Neat, eye-catching Soup Kettle
  • Compact
  • Hard wearing ceramic enamel finish
  • Stainless Steel soup ladle included

Traditional Soupercan 5Ltr capacity £241
Silver Soup Kettle

Silver Soup Kettle

Deliver hot soup with this Soupercan. 

At a glance:

  • Come in Vitreous Enamel Silver
  • Available in brushed Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for modern concepts
  • Complete with s/steel soup ladle
  • Perfect for counter insert

Soupercan Vitreous Enamel Silver 5Ltr capacity £249

All the prices are subject to VAT