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An example how you should deal with customers,1st class. Also the trailer is 1st class. Thank you very much.
John Hughes


Finance is available on all of our vans and trailers

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Drink Dispensers

Interlevin Juice Dispenser

Interlevin Juice Dispenser

The Interlevin LJD Range of juice dispensers offers a versatile way to chill and serve a variety of drinks at the perfect temperature. The design allows easy cleaning. The paddle stirring system ensures even cooling which can be turned off if not required. Suitable for diluted concentrates, fruit juice and even milk if required. With its clean design, the LJD juice dispensers look good on any counter.

At a glance:

  • Fully automatic 
  • Adjustable feet
  • Paddle system agitation
  • Stainless steel tap for easy cleaning
  • Single, double or triple tank options give you an excellent choice of coolers for all situations

LJD1 (single tank) 635x230 £527
LJD2 (double tank) 635x430 £636
LJD3 (triple tank) 635x630 £740

All the prices are subject to VAT