Size isn't everything: the pros of small catering builds


When considering the kind of catering business you’d like to run or if you’re looking to upgrade your current set-up, it might seem that bigger is better. More space to store products and serve customers — and easier to spot at an event, too. However, there’s also a lot to be said for small catering builds. To help you find what works best for your business, we’ve picked out some of the positives that come with keeping your catering conversion on the smaller side.

Easier to tow

The smaller your catering unit, the simpler it is to take with you wherever you need to go. We’ve created plenty of small-scale towable options — including an open-air pizza oven - perfect for festivals - and a range of smaller caravans. Alternatively, opting for a complete unit such as a motorised van might work well for you too. We offer full vehicle conversions for a quirky Citroen H van and we’re able to fully customise vans or simply offer a basic line-out. According to your business and your budget, we can help you choose the best option for your business.

You may not need a license

If a vehicle or towing unit is under a certain size and weight, you may find there’s no need for a specific licence. If you’re looking to invest in a catering build or conversion that doesn’t require anything beyond your standard driving licence, let us know and we can adapt a build to suit. Larger trailers may also require additional insurance, so opting for something on the smaller side could save you money in the long term (for more on exactly what insurance builds of various sizes will need, just drop us a line).

Serve quickly and boost your appeal

A small trailer or van is simpler to set up on your own. Moving between different sites and events is quicker and easier, there’s no heavy lifting involved and they can often be driven into position. If you choose a vintage van or a shepherd’s hut conversion — both at the smaller end of the scale — you might find that these petite, fashionable designs will help to boost your business. Stylish catering conversions tend to draw a crowd and for that reason, event planners may prefer your offering to more traditional catering traders. Thanks to this increased appeal, you may even be able to raise the price of your products to match higher demand.

In short, size isn’t everything when it comes to catering builds. For more on how we can help you create the perfect small catering conversion to suit your business, drop us a line today.

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