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Having your own Mobile Catering Business is exciting, you get to be your own boss and have the opportunity to travel from one event to another. You also get to put passion into your business and sell amazing food. No wonder it is a dream for so many. But in this dream, there is one thing that you must not forget, the paperwork! In this blog, we list five things you need to check are in place to make sure you are trading legally.

We know that your business is a lifestyle choice and paperwork is not the first thing on your mind. We also realise that this article states the obvious, but it is surprising how many people have had to stop trading because they forgot that their paperwork had lapsed. If this makes you check and realise you need to get something in place or just pop a reminder in your diary for later this blog has worked.

1. Gas and Electricity Certificates

This certificate is needed for trading to ensure that all your equipment is running correctly. You can get these done at Trailer manufactures so if you are in Bristol/North Somerset you can come and see us! If you are further afield look at the NCASS website, where you can find a list of qualified engineers locally to you (do make sure however that you find one who is qualified in LPG mobile catering).

If you don’t have this done on an annual basis, a Gas an Electricity inspector can stop you from trading and it could also make your insurance invalid. So make sure to set yourself a reminder to make sure it doesn't lapse.

2. Food Hygiene Certificate

These are crucial to being able to serve food to paying customers. You are able to get these by doing food hygiene courses. Always check the course you are looking at is recognised, quite often cheap and online courses may not be recognised by safety officers.

3. Public Liability Insurance

If you do not have public liability insurance you shouldn't be trading. This covers you should something happen to anyone in and around your workspace. So if anyone has an accident you will be covered. The best place to get this would be going to NCASS.

4. Vehicle/Trailer insurance

Insurance is vital as with any vehicle for if your mobile catering business. Essentially making sure you are not out of pocket if the worst happens. NCASS is a good place to get this and offers the best insurance cover for your business.

5. Permits

Permits are needed to be able to trade in a certain place, for example, if you are wanting to trade in a high street or a town centre, then you will have to require a permit. This can be obtained from getting in contact with your local council.

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